Landscape Master Plans

Outdoor spaces needs time and thought to develop optimally. Greenrooms design has worked with charities, community groups, schools and corporate bodies to provide collaborative and holistic landscape planning. Landscape Master Plans provide a conceptual layout that makes the most of available space and light and natural features. All projects benefit immensely from careful time and thought at an early stage. A good master plan creates a framework in which each of the individual elements can be developed. Through sensitive design and careful planning, Greenrooms design creates outdoor and public spaces that are life affirming and practical.

Garden Design

A master plan at a smaller scale, garden design is what we like best. Even smaller spaces can be enhanced by thoughtful consideration of your needs, wants and dreams. We take pride in designing your garden to suit you. One customer was disappointed with their Greenrooms garden design, but out of several hundred have seen the value of a plan that can be implemented DIY or done by us in your own time and to your own budget. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that nothing is overlooked at this stage.


We can provide full landscaping services and also provide project management and supervision should you wish to use your own contractors. We provide highly skilled dedicated staff to bring your vision into reality and to make sure it doesn’t fall down.


We have a small maintenance list. We mostly maintain gardens we have designed, but get in touch if you wish to develop your garden in a low-impact way through planting and plant care.


These are always fun. Greenrooms design and sometimes build bespoke offices, kitchens, barbeques, gazebos, summer houses, tea rooms, pergolas, porches and pods. We love designing everything that brings you and (your life) into your garden.


Plants are the icing on every cake that we bake. We never get tired of the magic that good planting adds to a project. Greenrooms design provides tailored planting plans, planting and plant aftercare to look after every stage of the planting process.